City of gods by Jon Maas - Artwork by LNC Studios
City of gods by Jon Maas available on Amazon - Artwork by LNC Studios

City of gods: Hellenica is a novel from Jon Maas .

That's gods with a lowercase 'g'!

It's available on Amazon - in both hardback and Kindle format.

City of gods by Jon Maas - Artwork by LNC Studios

The gods are back, and they are tearing this world apart

Zeus, Dagon, Loki, Lugh and countless other deities have come back to this earth and rule over their individual districts with no goal other than satiating their own petty desires. The sole remaining functional province, Hellenica, decides to act. They build the Academy and are about to recruit 16 young gods with the hopes of training them to police this world.

The Horsemen

Of these 16 young gods, four have strange powers that the Academy might not be able to control. Kayana Marx, Gunnar Redstone, Tommy Alderon and Saoirse Frost aren’t like normal gods, and their abilities stem from the Monotheistic times.

But if Hellenica has any hope of holding this world together, they will have to teach these four to exercise their powers to their fullest extent, even if it might bring everything to an apocalyptic end.

The art is from LNC Art Studios and the editor is Patty Smith .

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Here is the artwork from LNC Art Studios in a bit higher resolution.

City of gods

Here is the map of Hellenica's Conurbation

City of gods - map of the conurbation